I offer 3 options to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your photography session. 

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Booking your Session Checklist

1. Let's select a date and time that works for you -  I prefer to work at sunrise or sunset, however I always says smiles first and light second, if you have little kiddos let's work around their best times of day. 

2. Sign contract, it's a one-click online contract. No deposits required for portrait sessions -boom your session is scheduled!

3. Review my FAQ section of my website for styling tips. Call me or e-mail me if you have any questions on attire. I'm thrilled  to help style your session, Make sure little girls have bloomers and kids are comfortable, the best look on a kiddo is a smile and we are all happier in clothes we like wearing. 

4. I'll be in touch a few days before our session to confirm location. 

5. Pack a bag  (for outdoor shoots)

- Second outfit (if desired)

- Snacks for little ones - gummies, smarties, raisins, nuts, a mess free favorites. 

- Hydration (if it's hot!)

- Coat (particularly if it's a sunrise session)

- If you have a little one, I love their favorite toy incorporated. It's a cool memory to capture plus  it sparks joy. 

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