Howdy I'm Sara....


I'm a wife, mother and a photographer. I'm a creative goofball with an insane love for photography. When first my daughter was born my husband came home with a fancy shmancy camera and I had no clue what all those buttons did so I took a class on photography and I learned just enough to be dangerous and by total accident (I know now) I took one of my best pictures of my daughter at 5 months old, that was it, I was hooked. I kept trying to chase that perfect shot (like when I used to play golf) and that chase turned into my passion.

    I used to be an advertising executive, now my bosses are  9, 8 and 4 year old twins, yup that's four if your counting.

I love the gym, dancing (I'm horrible but don't care!) I'm a coffee addict and I'm trying my best to east less meat and cheese and more plants and wine, I love a bold fabulous red wine paired with a soft cheese... oh wait....? I'll get this vegan thing right one day!

I'm professional, reliable, fun, loud  and little wacky. Don't be surprised if at your shoot I belt out a version of "can't stop the feeling" but hey if you have kiddos I can almost guarantee we will grab a genuine smile!  I'm obsessed with posing, I have spent years developing my eye to create aesthetically pleasing images. Sure you want to hire a photographer that can take nice picture, but you also want feel confident that your family (you) will look fabulous in the final product.

     I am addicted to photography.  I actually  I suffer withdrawals if I don't shoot for a few days, I start dreaming about locations, and lighting set ups. I'll see an awesome image on Facebook and my heart will start racing with the inspiration and excitement of creating. Shooting at sunset or sunrise in the magical Arizona desert is my happy place, and you will feel that on your shoot. 

​   The best moments are captured when you are truly having fun, which is why I offer sessions set up at your home or we can meet at one of my favorite outdoor locations. Anticipate we will spend some time before our session getting acquainted and discussing your expectations. Above all expect images you will love and are proud to display in your home. 


Sara Waterman